At Crow’s Nest we believe in giving back to our community and a portion of our proceeds are donated to local causes including those that support drinking responsibly. The impacts of climate change continue to reduce the availability of water, energy and raw materials, therefore measuring and managing our environmental impact is essential. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact throughout our company. Our goals reflects our aspiration to be a business which does not materially deplete natural resources, does not contribute to climate change, causes no lasting damage to the environment, but positively affects it.

The environment is very important to Crow’s Nest Distillery, we are always striving to do what we can to protect it and reduce our impact on it. That's why the actions we take each day, and everyday are to utilize responsible production methods that:

▪ Reduce waste with an ultimate goal of achieving zero waste in the near future
▪ Reuse packaging and utilizing sustainable packaging
▪ Allow us to become carbon neutral through the reduction of our reliance on fossil fuels and utilizing carbon offsets

We believe that responsible drinking is a part of celebrations in everyday life for everyone. We take great care to market our product responsibly to adults and support organizations that create a more positive role for alcohol in society and address issues related to the misuse of alcohol. We encourage our consumers to make responsible decisions about drinking.