Discover the art of handcrafted spirits at Crow’s Nest Distillery, your local destination for exceptional libations. Delight in our carefully curated selection of locally sourced ingredients, expertly distilled to perfection, and experience the unique flavors of BC.

Our Story

Over a century ago the Paolone family embarked on a treacherous voyage across the Atlantic from the old country to the new. Seeking the opportunity for a better life, they arrived with only the clothes on their back. Their family traditions of wine and sprit making mad ben passed down from generation to generation, and decades later Daniel Paolone has rekindled the family tradition with the Crow’s Nest Distillery, in Abbotsford.

Our Team

Daniel Paolone – Rooted in the rich heritage of Italian distilling traditions, our Head Distiller skillfully combines time-honored techniques with modern innovation to craft extraordinary spirits that capture the essence of Italy.

Pride in Local

At our local distillery, we take immense pride in our commitment to using locally sourced honey as the foundation for all our exceptional products. By partnering with local beekeepers, and artists. We not only support our community but also ensure the purity and unique flavors of our spirits. To further elevate our craft, we employ meticulously crafted copper stills made right here in America, embodying the spirit of artisanal craftsmanship while producing spirits of quality and character.


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